I have been fortunate to have worked with and associated with many musicians, producers, engineers, Live sound engineers, and artists of other media throughout my years. For this I am grateful. Here, in no particular order, is (I’m sure) an incomplete, but ever-expanding list:


The early years:

Hats off to my many musical family members. Generations of inspiration.

Rick Strickland (With whom I wrote many a song while growing up, has performed or worked with Billy Joe Royal, Carl Perkins, and others too numerous to list)

Buck Battle
Janice Conyers
Hope Nunnery
Susan Urquia
Rob Crosby
Greg Boyle
Chip Cannon
George Stallings
Billy Lee
Keith Hamrick
Jeff Smith
Vollie McKenzie
Jeff Wiggs
Robert Kirkland
Steven Crow
Hugh Etheredge
Van Martin
Rick Morse

John Hall (of the band Orleans, with whom I sang backup at a concert (I don’t think I was very good that day, but there you go))

The Glass Bead Game years:

Wendy Brinker
Chelsea Snelgrove
Michael Gooding
Lawson Blanton

New York City:

Michael Manieri (worked with Steps Ahead, Buddy Rich, Wes Montgomery, Laura Nyro, Dire Straits, Carly Simon, Paul Simon, and James Taylor, among others, and was the owner of Centerfield Productions, where I got to record)

Garry Rindfuss is a Sound Designer and Recording Engineer living in New York City.
Garry engineered and co-produced my first and second recording sessions at Centerfield Productions studio, where we became friends, and he eventually recorded my first solo CD Book Of Changes with me; a wonderful guy). Garry has worked with Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Carly Simon, to name just a few.

Jane Scarpantoni (Jane has worked with REM, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, the Idigo Girls, and others too numerous to mention, and helped me on my first CD Book of Changes)

Dee Carstensen

The Magister Ludi years:

Chelsea Snelgrove
Scott Stewart
Scott Charles
Beth Wheeler
Dori Cosgrove
Brian Fletcher
Michael Moreau
Damon Denton
Kathy Vinson
Eric Chial
Dave Furlong
Jason Edwards – The wonderful artist who did all most of the Magister Ludi posters through the years ( I will try to post some at some point).

Solo again years:

Adam Gilbert (my dear brother)

Garry Rindfuss

Jane Scarpontoni (played and arranged the cello beautifully on Book of Changes)

John Keane (Grammy nominated owner of studio in Athens, Georgia; played bass on Book of Changes and with my band at South by Southwest). John has worked with R.E.M. , Widespread Panic, The Indigo Girls, Cowboy Junkies, and so many others.

Murray Attaway (Guadalcanal Diary)

Eric Chial – Who lives in Chicago as is one of the excellent songwriters in The Bon Mots

Katherine Drake Chial (great artist, who designed the artwork for Book of Changes)

Steve Dancz, Film/TV Composer, Producer, Educator
Dave Furlong

Mark Cooper Smith
Melinda Kershner
Shannon Mims
Luke Phillips
T. Patton Biddle (soundman at the 40 Watt, Athens, Georgia )

The Scotland years:

Bethan Benwell
Nat and Fiona Chalamanda

Paul Syme

Edward Chapman Campbell
Alexander Chapman Campbell
Megan Sahara Wood

Geordie MacIntyre
Alison McMorland

Kirsteen McCue
David Hamilton

Andrew Gordon

Craig Ferrie
Scott Forsyth The Button Boys, a great multi-instrumentalist musician.

Jamie Cameron The Button Boys, a really wonderful songwriter.

Fraser Wright

American artist Lydia Eloff
Lydia’s Etsy shop

Lydia’s Drawing Board on Facebook

The Cavern Club Illuminati:
Eric Chial
Mike Conroy
Scott Forsyth, Plays with the The Button Boys, and others.
Steve Litos

Grace Walker and Alan Murray:  Find them here at “Two Far Flung”.


Scott Forsyth
Jamie Cameron
Fiona Macdonald
Laura Harrington
Kevyn Smith